Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RiftSaw Release 2.0.0.Final

Today the RiftSaw team released 2.0.0.Final. This release packs the following feature set:
  • WS-BPEL 2.0 OASIS standard and the legacy BPEL4WS 1.1 vendor specification.
  • JBossWS Native and CXF Web Service stack support.
  • UDDI registration of BPEL endpoints, and Runtime UDDI Endpoint lookup as preview feature.
  • Enterprise quality GWT based BPM console to manage process definitions and instances.
  • High level API to the engine that allows you to integrate the core with virtually any communication layer.
  • JBoss deployment architecture, enabling hot deployment.
  • Compiled approach to BPEL that provides detailed analysis and validation at the command line or at deployment.
  • Short-lived and long-running process executions.
  • Process persistence & recovery.
  • Process versioning.
  • Ant-based deployment.
  • Integrated with the JBoss ESB.
  • Eclipse-based BPEL designer and deployment, supported through JBoss Tools.
  • Runs in JBoss Cluster.
  • A good set of examples to help you get started quickly, including Sun's BPEL Blueprint examples.
Some good resources for this release are the Release Notes, the Getting Started Guide, the User Guide and JBoss Tools. To download this release see our download page:

The RiftSaw team,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RiftSaw Release 2.0-CR2

We are proud to announce that the second Candidate Release for RiftSaw 2.0 has just been released. This release runs on JDK-1.6, JBAS-5.1 and JBossESB-4.7 or SOA-Platform-5. You can download the release from here.

The RiftSaw Team

Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.0-CR2


  • [RIFTSAW-56] - Error when deploying webservice_esb_bpel as single .esb

  • [RIFTSAW-123] - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception with jbossws-cxf

  • [RIFTSAW-127] - Handling SOAP header binding to WSDL message part

  • [RIFTSAW-136] - Admin console displays instances for all versions associated with a select process definition

  • [RIFTSAW-137] - Undeploy needs to check if other bundles exist with same name before deactivating WS endpoint

  • [RIFTSAW-141] - HelloWorld throws UDDI related exception

  • [RIFTSAW-142] - Quickstart HelloWorldODE does not run if HelloWorld is still deployed

  • [RIFTSAW-153] - Re-deploying bpel script leads to continuous stream of error messages in server log

  • [RIFTSAW-154] - Exception on one-way requests

  • [RIFTSAW-157] - Instance data not displayed correctly

  • [RIFTSAW-159] - More than two correlated interactions causes exception

  • [RIFTSAW-162] - jbossws-cxf returns SOAP fault via an exception, whereas jbossws-native appears to return the SOAPMessage with fault inside

  • [RIFTSAW-163] - Problem invoking a third part partner link (WS at JBossWS) with header value

  • [RIFTSAW-165] - IncompatibleClassChangeError in SOA-P 5.0

Feature Request

  • [RIFTSAW-143] - Add information to user guide on Full Publish and versioning from JBoss Tools

  • [RIFTSAW-144] - BPELInvoke action should use MessagePayloadProxy

  • [RIFTSAW-160] - Auto-registration of BPEL process endpoint should work with other supported registries


  • [RIFTSAW-140] - Change UDDI integration over to use the jUDDI-3.0.1 libs when those are released.

  • [RIFTSAW-149] - Oracle support.

  • [RIFTSAW-150] - sqlserver support.

  • [RIFTSAW-151] - Document UDDI configuration

  • [RIFTSAW-156] - Add configuration for mex.timeout

  • [RIFTSAW-166] - Only turn on UDDI integration when the esb-registry is installed.