Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RiftSaw 2.2.0.CR1 released with clustering support and more management functionality

The RiftSaw team are pleased to announce the first release candidate for the 2.2.0 release series.

In this release, we've made great improvements on the BPEL console. By enabling the logging of events in the deploy.xml file,  administrators are able to see the execution path of process instances in the console.

Secondly we've used the JBoss Cache as our cache provider in the RiftSaw clustering environment.  This enhancement now enables administrators to log in to the BPEL console on any node to activate or retire a process.

Other changes include:
- BPELInvoke supports WS Security and SAML support.
- Upgrade juddi to 3.0.4 release.

And of course, with a bunch of bugs fixed.

The detailed report for this release can be found at: