Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RiftSaw Release 2.0-M2

The RiftSaw team is pleased to announce the availability of 2.0-M2.
This release provides early access to the new JAX-WS (using JBossWS) based integration, that replaces the Axis2 transport layer in the previous release, and the new admin console based on GWT.
This release is based on Apache ODE 1.3.3, and therefore if you had previously installed RiftSaw-2.0-M1, you will need to undeploy that version prior to installing M2. This is because M1 was based on the ODE 2.0 branch, which does not yet have a stable release. As the database schema changed between ODE1.x and ODE2.x, it will also be necessary to remove any database that had been configured for RiftSaw-2.0-M1 (BPELDB in the default/data folder if using derby).
Full release notes are available in the binary distribution.

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