Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RiftSaw Release 2.0-CR2

We are proud to announce that the second Candidate Release for RiftSaw 2.0 has just been released. This release runs on JDK-1.6, JBAS-5.1 and JBossESB-4.7 or SOA-Platform-5. You can download the release from here.

The RiftSaw Team

Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.0-CR2


  • [RIFTSAW-56] - Error when deploying webservice_esb_bpel as single .esb

  • [RIFTSAW-123] - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception with jbossws-cxf

  • [RIFTSAW-127] - Handling SOAP header binding to WSDL message part

  • [RIFTSAW-136] - Admin console displays instances for all versions associated with a select process definition

  • [RIFTSAW-137] - Undeploy needs to check if other bundles exist with same name before deactivating WS endpoint

  • [RIFTSAW-141] - HelloWorld throws UDDI related exception

  • [RIFTSAW-142] - Quickstart HelloWorldODE does not run if HelloWorld is still deployed

  • [RIFTSAW-153] - Re-deploying bpel script leads to continuous stream of error messages in server log

  • [RIFTSAW-154] - Exception on one-way requests

  • [RIFTSAW-157] - Instance data not displayed correctly

  • [RIFTSAW-159] - More than two correlated interactions causes exception

  • [RIFTSAW-162] - jbossws-cxf returns SOAP fault via an exception, whereas jbossws-native appears to return the SOAPMessage with fault inside

  • [RIFTSAW-163] - Problem invoking a third part partner link (WS at JBossWS) with header value

  • [RIFTSAW-165] - IncompatibleClassChangeError in SOA-P 5.0

Feature Request

  • [RIFTSAW-143] - Add information to user guide on Full Publish and versioning from JBoss Tools

  • [RIFTSAW-144] - BPELInvoke action should use MessagePayloadProxy

  • [RIFTSAW-160] - Auto-registration of BPEL process endpoint should work with other supported registries


  • [RIFTSAW-140] - Change UDDI integration over to use the jUDDI-3.0.1 libs when those are released.

  • [RIFTSAW-149] - Oracle support.

  • [RIFTSAW-150] - sqlserver support.

  • [RIFTSAW-151] - Document UDDI configuration

  • [RIFTSAW-156] - Add configuration for mex.timeout

  • [RIFTSAW-166] - Only turn on UDDI integration when the esb-registry is installed.

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