Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RiftSaw 3 - A new direction

As of version 3, Riftsaw will no longer be directly distributed as part of this project. The aim of version 3 is to provide a core embeddable BPEL engine and associated management console.

Instead, Riftsaw 3 will now be distributed as the BPEL component within the Switchyard ESB. Switchyard provides an ESB that uses the SCA component assembly model. We have developed a SCA-BPEL compliant component implementation, that uses the Riftsaw 3 embeddable BPEL engine, for use within Switchyard.

The Riftsaw project will continue to be responsible for the Embeddable BPEL engine (based on Apache ODE), the GWT based management console and the SCA-BPEL component.

The integration is currently at an early stage, with a couple of quickstarts available to demonstrate its usage. The current version only works with a H2 embedded database, but the next version will support the same range of databases supported by Riftsaw 2, as well as the same database schema (so no migration required).

Please feel free to try out the BPEL component in Switchyard 0.3 and provide us with your feedback.

There are also some developments on the tooling, as part of the Savara project (see http://jboss-savara.blogspot.com/2011/10/generating-switchyard-bpel-applications.html), based on RiftSaw 3 running in Switchyard 0.3.

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