Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Building your own service in SwitchYard (JUDCon China)

The JUDCon was held in China first time in the end of Nov in Beijing, it has almost been 3 years after I moved to Australia, and it has been great to see the colleagues, and the community there.

I presented a talk named "Building your own service In SwitchYard", it has two parts, first part is to give a very basic introduction to the SwitchYard project, and then have a live demo to build a simple sayHello service from scratch by using the SwitchYard editor in JBoss Dev studio. The other part is to introduce the steps on integrating a project as a component in the SwitchYard, this basically is the experience that we had on integrating the RiftSaw project as the BPEL component in SwitchYard, hopefully it will help some users/developers that want to integrate their in-house or other projects as components in SwitchYard.

The audience is great in JUDCon, I was approached by some developers that are impressed by the SwitchYard, the editors etc, some questions between the camel and SwitchYard, and even some questions on how to get involved in the open source development. 

It was a great experience in JUDCon, and looking forward to the next one.

Jeff Yu

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